Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Decorations - conclusion (The witches)

Most everything in this section makes noises, lights up, moves, or otherwise makes you jump. I'll have a fog maker going here as well. I call my witches "the twins". They both talk. The bats are actually home made, they're simple construction paper hung on fishing line. Any little wind makes them flutter nicely.

You can never tell what the twins are up to. They've caught themselves a ghoul, have a singing cat, various potions out on their table, and a gargoyle that makes random appearances.

This one is just for fun. They sit right next to the door.

Up until Halloween I'll be tweaking, adding, changing the display. There are lights that will be on the spiders (can't see it by daylight) that also make noises. I'm thinking I'll add more eyes to the plants, have to make those first. I also like getting silly string and spraying my trees so that the webs continue out into the yard. That varies depending on weather. Silly string doesn't hold up well to rain.

Once Halloween is over, I'll start hitting the sales and picking up new things to add to next year's display.

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