Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday School Report

I haven't really done an update on how the new school is doing lately as I've been in crisis management mode. With a new school and a new grade came a new attitude for my eldest child. Not one that I care to have remain in my house. By now, we've worked out most of the kinks (I won't say all, as I doubt I'll ever have it totally handled) and gotten him back on track. So, now I'm relatively comfortable to explain what happened (or didn't, in this case).

The primary issue is my son decided that doing his school work wasn't on his priority list. Going in to the new school, I had told him that the work was pretty much on him as my checking on it wasn't like what we had at GCA. He took full advantage of that fact and decided to not do anything.

The first call came from his Spanish teacher a couple of days in. I had a talk with him about it and thought we'd gotten it corrected. About a week later (at the school's first event of the year) his science teacher tells me he hasn't turned anything in for a week. OK. We have more than a basic issue here. I then go in and investigate ALL of his classes (and open dialogue with all of his teachers) only to find out that he's behind 2 weeks on all work. This is NOT acceptable. I know I am as much to blame for not checking in on him as it is his for not doing the work to begin with. It makes for some very restless/sleepless nights.

So, I came up with a plan for him to work labor day weekend and try to catch up. He did ok. I furthered that during the week by giving him a written list of assignments. He improved. Last weekend, he worked again to finish catching up. The problem, though, is that when I go check on him, he appears to be working. But when I go to check on what's turned in, half of it isn't there.

His Choi instructors had a talk with him Monday. I set up a conference with his counselor this past Tuesday to try to help him out before I let his Choi instructor step in. He has worked hard to become a second degree (ee dan) black belt. Having that status and his junior instructor top taken away is a pretty good incentive for him to keep working too. At this point, I'm trying everything I can to get him back on track.

He told me that finds it easier to work from a written plan on a daily basis. I can do that. I can create a plan similar to what he had at GCA for him to work from. If only he'd actually FINISH the work he starts.

By now I don't expect anything impressive for his grades this semester. I just expect him to stay on track and to pass.

So, here's praying that he gets on track and keeps the work going.
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