Friday, September 07, 2012

DragonCon - the lost battle

If I'd realized it was a battle (or that it was lost before we started), I never would have fought it. My kids really wanted to go to DragonCon this year, particularly the parade. I'd planned to get out of the house by 8a. We got out of the house about 8:40a. We got to Peachtree St. to find it packed and no place to truly view the parade. The pictures I attempted to take are mostly of the backs of the crowd in front of us. Given our lack of a good start, we tried to make it around the crowd to check in before my daughter's first selection of panels (League of Legends). We didn't make it. By the time we checked in, it was half-way done. So we ate lunch and went to the panel with Grant Imahara (MythBusters). We actually all enjoyed it.

From there, we tried to catch the 2nd thing my daughter had picked (CosPlay costume contest). It was apparently a closed judging (not in the booklet or the schedule as such). We thought we had time to get from there to the Star Wars: Old Republic Meet and Greet. We got lost inside the hotel. So we toured the vendor area instead (did not buy anything). We eventually wandered up to the BioWare panel and sat through part of that.

We had planned to head out to check out the FIRST Robotics or the Mini Sumo Expo, but by this time my sister had arrived at the house. My husband was telling me in no uncertain terms he'd have stayed home. My daughter was tired, frustrated with not getting to see what she wanted to see and my son said "I don't care" one time too many.

I gave up and called it what it was. A Failed Experiment. I did, however, catch a few of the nicer costumes as we wandered on my cell phone.

For those TopGear fans... BABY STIG!

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