Tuesday, September 04, 2012

CiCi's Guest Appreciation Day

I was invited to CiCi's for lunch last week to hear more about some of what's going on and to find out more information about the chain itself. What I found out was very interesting. I didn't realize that they made the dough from scratch as well as the sauce as needed. They don't have a gluten free option for the dough, but if you need a gluten free option, they will give you a pan to load up on the toppings you like and then bake it special. Speaking of making it special, if they don't have the pizza you want on the bar, you can let them know and they'll make it for you. They'll give you a number and bring it to your table piping hot. They also have new Italiano pizzas (YUM) and Garlic Parmesan knots (DOUBLE YUM).

On average, a buffet for an adult runs $4.99 though the drink is extra ($1.69). On September 6th, most of the 20 stores in the Atlanta area will be participating in Guest Appreciation Day. On that day, the buffet will be $2.99 (drink will still be $1.69). There are 550 stores nation wide and all are franchises, so participation may vary.

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