Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday follow-up

Gwinnett Online Campus:
Other than a brief stumble at the beginning of the week with my son either 1)not turning in work or 2)work simply not getting through, the week has gone pretty well. Monday night we went to the Gwinnett Braves as part of a school outing. Kids had a blast (they walked around the field to get in their exercise for the day). The kids from the school chorus sang the national anthem at the start of the game. They did very well for only having practiced 3 times before that.

Now that the bulk of the initial intake rush at work is done, everything seems to be settling down at work. I'm still busy, but I'm not feeling half as pressured. Of course, I've discovered that I'm quite capable of walking away when I get too frustrated or when my hours for the day are up.

I'm still cleaning house. I have lots of stuff to get rid of. I think that will be my primary task for the weekend. I was thinking I might have a yard sale, but my schedule isn't working out so well for that. I'll have to wait and see. I did get an estimate for new wood floors in the house and decided (with hubby) that we'll hold off a while longer. I have big dreams and those cost big money. Smaller dreams don't quite interest me as much right now. Who knows, maybe I'll win a sweepstakes to get new flooring.

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Diane said...

think big! Win the lottery and move! :)