Monday, July 16, 2012

No more rollercoasters #fitfluential

My body has decided that I'm no longer "able" to ride some of the roller coasters I've always enjoyed. The last few times I've tried to ride one that goes upside down or does a tight spiral, I've had a problem with my vision tunneling and being light headed. Not good. So I went to the doctor to get checked to see if it was anything I could easily resolve. The answer? I have low blood pressure. Not so low that I have to take medications or anything, but apparently enough such that when I go through the gees of the coaster, it lowers my pressure even further. I was told the only "solution" was to make sure I was hydrated.

Keeping that in mind, I made sure I was hydrated before I rode Expedition Everest with my family. Unfortunately, it didn't help. So, until further notice, the fun coasters are off my docket.

During the week at Disney, I also discovered that I'm more aware of my body than I thought I was. So much so, that it has influenced me to do even more than I have been. Currently, I've made sure I'm able to do a 5K (next one in August) and am fine when it comes to endurance in Choi. I've made a lot of basic changes in diet as well over the past year and while it's helped, it hasn't been enough. I'm not "fine" when I can't say I'm comfortable in my own form.

So, I'm going back to my workout schedule. I found a cool "Good bye Mom Jeans" workout on facebook/pinterest, so I'm giving that a go. I'm starting at the "Beginner Level" for now. You can click the image to go to the source of the workout.

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