Friday, July 06, 2012

Introduction to the Adventures of Flat Stella

My daughter and I put together a duck tape Flat Stella (cousin to Flat Stanley) and sent her on a journey with my parents.

We made her so that they could attach her to a lanyard to make sure she didn't go walkabout while on tour. Flat Stanley took off in Russia on my parent's last big trip and we were trying to avoid a repeat. We also wanted to make her more 'hardy' for the trip. What we didn't do was reinforce her body with something to make her less floppy. My parents have said she'll make the next tour ok, but that she's getting a bit floppy.

So, we'll create a new one later, but for now the following posts are the adventure of Flat Stella (called Flat Sally by my parents) as she toured through Amsterdam, Bruge and Paris.
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