Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Set for a New Adventure

I know school is getting ready to begin when I start getting phone calls from new teachers. I've also received log in information to the Gwinnett Parent Portal. I haven't been on that for 2 years. My children have switched over to the Gwinnett Online Charter for the coming school year. You can see some of the factors that we took in to consideration for the change here. My kids actually had a good bit of input into the decision process, so we can only be excited about the upcoming year.

To get ready for the start of school, I have cleaned my children's bedrooms and put in brand new desks. Their computers have been moved from the office to their bedrooms. This was as much for my sanity as theirs. This past year was a challenge to keep them focused on their work instead of each other. With my new job getting in the way, I wasn't paying attention to them as I should. We now have 2 days a week that we can meet up with their teachers as well as fellow students to get the help that I wasn't able (or available) to give them.

We attend orientation tomorrow to find out how things will work, get accounts set up, etc. Truly a new adventure in education for our household.

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