Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I generally don't like tattling, especially from my kids. I make them work out their issues. In this case, though, I find it too funny not to share.. especially since I'm tattling on my husband. He recently lost his little security card for work somewhere here at home. I've been trying to help him find it by making sure stuff gets cleaned up. He came home the other day and said he thought it was in the trunk of his car, he just hadn't taken the time to look. So I decide to be my helpful self and went out looking for it. I started by pulling all the big stuff out (golf clubs and such) first. It's while I'm cleaning that I realize just what sort of stuff has been lingering in my hubby's trunk. I found..

--a baby hat from my daughter (I know it's hers since it's pink)
--clips to tie together two umbrella strollers (from when my kids were both in strollers)

and miscellaneous other things which I either removed to the trash or put back. Note, I didn't find his security card, but maybe he'll clean out his car trunk more often.

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