Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Summer Toy

I have been debating for a while about getting a tablet of some sort. I've played with an iPad and decided that while nice I didn't want to buy one. I started thinking Nook or Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy. I have friends that have one or the other and I asked their opinions. For what I wanted though, I decided simple was better. I went with the Nook for the simple reason that it has the micro SD slot. I have enough geeky friends that told me where to find info on how to turn that SD card into a bootable disk for my nook. This allows my Nook to be an android tablet as well as a "regular" nook. So, I can play with all the android apps that aren't available from B&N to my heart's content. I can also put the Kindle reader on it and take full advantage of books from amazon.

I also am part of several point-earning sites. I have no problem cashing out the points that I earned for Amazon or B&N gift cards. That makes that aspect of it that much cheaper. I love to review books (though I haven't in a while), which is another way to maintain my book addiction.

All in all, I'd say it was a good investment for me. I found the Nook on sale, refurbished, for significantly less than it would have been otherwise, even on ebay. I have a great way to earn credit for books and apps. Most importantly, though, for those that know me is that it's a GADGET! Now to go crawl back into my hole and play with my new toy..

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