Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday of last week, we drove out to Athen's to visit the State Botanical Gardens at UGA. I'd never been there and was hoping that the flowers would still be in bloom. I have to admit, I want to go back when I have a bit more time to enjoy the trails.

Once you park, the visitor center is part of the Conservatory. It's not huge, but it definitely has a lot going for it.

These are a couple of close-ups of things inside the conservatory. I didn't get much chance to take a lot of photos. I was put in charge of a group of students. My daughter got some of these with her group for me.

These are outside, not far from the conservatory. There's a series of trails that you can explore as well.

This is my obligatory picture of my kids. It's at a fountain in front of the visitor center.

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