Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journey Through Justice

My kids participated in the Journey through Justice program provided by the Georgia Bar. The day was to explore how the court system (and lawyers) work. We toured some of the rooms, this one is a meeting room and overflow room for the court room in the building.

We actually started out with a brief history of Woodrow Wilson, the only president to practice law in the state of GA. They have a small reproduction of his office that was on Marietta street. They have the original door that was the entrance to his office.

Not all of the furniture is from his office. In this picture the mantel, chair, and bookcase were from his office.
From this picture the desk, chair and (pictured again) bookcase.

We proceeded to another room where we had a 'class' about civil vs. criminal cases and went through our first trial. My daughter 'testified' on behalf of the plaintiff for this trial. My son was a juror.

Our big trial was "B.B.Wolf vs. Curly Pig". Where the wolf was suing the pig for injuries and damage incurred when he tried to go down the pig's chimney. My pictures during this trial were not the best, so all I have is the after picture. My daughter was Sylvester Cat testifying on behalf of the wolf. My son was a juror. (You see a pattern here?)
Once the trial was over, we were able to tour one of the vaults. The federal reserve was originally in this building before it became the home of the Georgia Bar Association. This one our tour guide called the "baby" vault.
Safes within the vault.
My kids had a blast doing this, so I think it's something we might have to keep in mind to possibly try again in the future.

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