Monday, April 02, 2012

Color Run 2012

My daughter and I joined a friend I've known since High School/College. She wanted to train to get in shape, we thought the run she chose as her goal would be fun to do. The idea is that you start all 'clean' with a white shirt.

It's a 5K race that took us around Piedmont Park. At various points, you go through color zones where they "throw" color powder on you as you pass. For us, the first color zone was Yellow. My daughter hid behind me to avoid the biggest clouds of color.

Our next zone was green.

I didn't let her hide on that one.

We went from green to pink.

Our last zone was purple. My daughter and I had a little bit of a "battle" with the purple color.

There were some that were more colorful than we were at the end. There were some that were considerably less. They had leaf blowers to help knock most of it back off of you at the end. Majority of those at the race didn't bother. We did as we were driving home so that I could then go back out to Stone Mountain for the Blues Grassroots festival. It seems an odd thing to enjoy doing, but it was a lot of fun.

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