Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Shanty Festival

My family got together and went out to Kennesaw for the Big Shanty Festival. We took along the puppy when we went. Puppy still doesn't travel well (car sick), but she seemed to do ok otherwise. We put her on a halti to make sure that we had control in the crowd and around other dogs. It was puppy's first time meeting dogs that weren't in our neighborhood. Other than super-sized Newf-boy that she met, she did very well. So well that after a while we switched her back to a regular harness.

All in all, the family (including puppy) enjoyed the festival. My daughter shared her 'find' on facebook Saturday. So, I thought I'd share my finds here. A couple of decorations for the garden..

And a bonsai.. I haven't owned one of these in a long time.

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