Thursday, March 01, 2012

Choosing Schools

Next year my son will be in 8th grade. One more year and he'll be entering High School. Based on what he wants to do with his life (right now) he wants to try to get into the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology. A charter high school not too far from home. That one, though, always has a lottery, so it's hard to get in. Also, you can ONLY enter in 9th grade, so if you don't make it in then, you don't make it in. If you fail out, you cannot reenter. Given all this, we have to put together alternatives "just in case".

This has led to me looking into what's out there. There is, of course, Georgia Cyber Academy. The school my kids are currently attending. A public virtual state charter school. It will remain on the list as a "possible".

Personally, though, I'd really like to see him go to a brick and mortar high school. I'm not at all thrilled with the high school we're zoned for (Meadowcreek). So, I'm looking at permissive transfers to other high schools. The likely-hood of him getting a transfer to one of our preferred schools is relatively slim. I have, though, started investigating Duluth HS. According to Atlanta Magazine (Jan 2012), it's one of the top 50 in the state (they ranked it #35). This past year, Duluth HS was one of those listed as accepting transfers. So, the potential is there, I just have to keep an eye on it to see how it shakes out.

Then again, I haven't totally ruled out doing a virtual school. Gwinnett county opened their Gwinnett Online Campus HS Charter last year. They're opening their middle school next year, with a 4th-5th grade a year after that. We did attend an informational meeting recently to see what it was about. The kids liked the concept of the middle school so much that they asked to be put on the list for possible registration. I'll make the comparison between it and GCA on another day. The HS, though, had approximately 168 students total at registration last year. The graduating class for 2012 has 12 members. It will, of course, grow. They don't, though, ever expect it to be big.

I'm still doing my research, still gathering my data. I think, though, that I have some good ideas on the drawing board. Now to get them to have more form and substance.

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