Friday, February 03, 2012

#Flawless12 My Movie

So, the assignment for today is to set up my own movie of my life. I can pick whomever I want to be in it and direct it. It's an interesting concept, so let's see what I can put together.

Producer - Ron Howard
Director - Steven Spielburg
ScreenPlay - my life

My mom - Betty White
My dad - Alan Arkin
My sister - Sigourney Weaver
My husband - Colin Firth

The catch to all of this, of course, is the WHY I would pick them. I'm not sure I have a good why, though. Ron Howard makes excellent cross-genre movies, so I'm sure he could keep it balanced. Spielburg would be able to integrate the special effects of my life. Betty White & Alan Arkin, excellent because they are great actors and don't take themselves too seriously. Sigourney Weaver, I've always been impressed with how she presents the tough side of the feminine. I almost said Demi Moore, but that one doesn't match my sister quite as well. Colin Firth.. well, I could have picked quite a few but went for a less-well known just because I like him.

For the remainder of my family members, I'd only get silly, so I'll pass on those. I'd have to let the producer/director do a hard evaluation for appropriate matches.

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