Monday, January 16, 2012

Review - The Grape

I went out with a pair of my friends last night. We did the Ikea trip to get ideas for our homes followed by dinner out. For dinner we headed over to Atlantic Station and went to a restaurant called "The Grape Wine Bar & Bistro". We feasted on a variety of primarily appetizers and they sampled some of the wine. (I'm too much of a light weight to try to drink anything and then drive home, so I don't.)

The restaurant itself is very small and set up more like a small coffee shop with a bar than a conventional restaurant. The waiter we had was very personable. We were even greeted by one of the co-owners.

Our meal consisted of the Mezza Platter (a selection of hummus, olives, cheese and pita), the baked brie (very nice flavor), selection of cheese/salami toscana/dried fruit and a full serving salmon flat bread (yum!). One of my friends had the beet salad. I split the bistro salad with the other.

It wasn't the cheapest meal ever, but we spent around 3 hours just sitting and chatting while we ate. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the company.

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