Monday, January 09, 2012

Disney 1/2 Marathon

I don't recommend doing it like I did. I had minimal training during the year (plans to train harder didn't work out like they should). I debated all the way up to the day before as to whether or not I'd make it. Hubby was supposed to go with me, but he did NO training. As hard of a time as I gave him, his decision to not do it was a good one.

I'll admit that I made a better start than I'd expected. I downloaded a program to my iPhone that updated me regularly on my pace and let me know if I needed to increase speed. My normal method of pacing is to find a Team in Training coach and manage to stay between two groups they're working with. It was just as well that I had my program as I didn't manage to stick with one of their coaches.

The only downside of the program I used was it wouldn't let my music continue when it went to speak to me. It was supposed to allow my iPhone to multi-task, but instead of pausing my music, speaking, then restarting my music. It just paused it. I didn't want to have to mess with it, so I just didn't have music.

I actually did fine until around mile 9. At that point my knee really started bugging me. My mile 11, it was hurting. When I got back to our room, it was nicely swollen. I did manage to get it down and the pain controlled enough to be able to go to EPCOT, though, to check it out more than just in passing.

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