Monday, December 26, 2011

Lawrenceville Places to Check Out - Franco's/Nu 2U

This past Halloween I won a gift card to Franco's Pizza in Lawrenceville. Last week, we decided to use it to feed the kids and their friends. We didn't think to check the web site for more than menu and location, so we were a bit surprised to not find seating. No biggie, we explored the shopping center it was in while we waited.

The girls and I went in to Nu 2U. A thrift shop next door to Franco's. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by our finds. We came away with 2 fedoras (one for me, one for my daughter's best friend), a scarf for my daughter and 2 tops for me. All for $20. The tops are nice quality, as was the rest. The lady staffing the store was very friendly as well. Definitely a place I'll go back to when I get a chance.

The pizza was excellent as well. The kids snarfed theirs down very quickly. So, definitely if you're in the area, check these two out. Order your pizza (or sandwich) from Franco's and shop Nu2U while you wait.

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