Monday, November 07, 2011

Halloween Photo Contest

For Halloween last week, I thought it was funny that I'd turned a warm-up suit from the 80's (I got it just before I went to Tech) into the body of the scare crow. I took a foam buzz head I found at a yard sale into the head. By sheer chance, I'd found a ceramic pumpkin at Hobby Lobby that had GT on it as well. So I put them on my porch.

I like to be linked in to what's going on in the area and have connected to various resources on facebook. One of the resources I'm linked in to is the Gwinnett Citizen newspaper. On a lark, I put a picture of my Buzz-crow in the Gwinnett Citizen Halloween photo contest. There were pictures of cute kids, cute pets, etc, so I didn't think much about my chances. Imagine my surprise when I find out that I won!

They'd already gone to press for November when the contest winners were announced, so the pictures will appear in the December issue. How cool is that? Thanks to the Gwinnett Citizen and congrats to the other winners too.

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