Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chattanooga's Discovery Museum

Last week after the kids and I finished our tour of the Chattanooga Aquarium, we decided to finish the day out at the Discovery Museum. It worked for me to finish a long day in Chattanooga and make the drive worth the time. I "lost" my two here for around an hour playing with the water. This area has a climbing structure as well for the kids (5 and under need someone older with them). The kids went up a couple of times, but came back to the water table each time.

They had an area to explore music and instruments. The girls got the giggles while here.

This was the archaeological (or dinosaur) area. My kids decided the sand was soft like silk and wanted to either a)bring it home with them or b)swim in it. You can guess which they did.

This was the rooftop area. The "swing" is a pulley system. You "race" to the top to ring the bell by pulling yourself up the rope.

There was an art area, a 'medical' area and an 'inventions' area. We couldn't get to the tower (under construction) or the changing exhibit area (also under construction). We did, though, spend around 2 hours here. The kids probably would have stayed longer except that a)the museum was closing not long after we left and b)I didn't want to wait too late before heading home.

All in all, the day was an excellent adventure. Thanks to GCA for doing a trip to the Aquarium, giving us the excuse to explore elsewhere too.

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