Thursday, November 03, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

I took my kids out to "Boo at the Zoo" on Sunday. It was a VERY busy day, but a very nice day to go. It was fun getting to see all the little kids in costume doing the activities and getting candy.

As we walked in, the tree was playing music and dancing.

Lots of young flamingos.

It's a rare sight for us to find the red panda out and awake.

This was a beautiful tortoise from Mexico. I loved the colors.

The Komodo was watching the crowds as much as the crowds watched him.

The staff put out Halloween stuff in the gorilla enclosures. It was fun watching the males discover the pumpkins and the 'scarecrows' they'd put out.

Another rare occasion for us was to see the Bongo out and close to the viewing area.

A very colorful snake, very poisonous but colorful.

One of the staff had this python out for close viewing.

An interesting snake to view.

My main reason for going to the Zoo was to see the two tiger cubs. We hadn't been to see them as yet, so the Halloween festivities were a good reason to go. The cubs were 'fighting' over a pumpkin (and generally being very playful).

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