Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Belle & Jasmine join our home

Jasmine and Belle have joined our household. No, I don't mean these..

I went out on errands Saturday and stopped at a couple of yard sales. A dangerous thing under the best circumstances, but I did it any way. The first I stopped at I purchased two Star Wars books for my son and a suede poncho for my daughter. At a different one, though, there was a new college student that found taking care of her two pets was too much. So, now they live with us. I already had the tank, just had to pick up a heater and a filter. As best as I can tell, they're yellow sliders. They're really too little to identify their sex yet, but Jasmine & Belle came with their names. They may change in the future.

This is Belle.. This is Jasmine.. And those are my fingers, just to show you how little they really are.

Am I insane? Probably. Hubby huffed at me when he found out about them. It's not like they're difficult to keep, nor will they eat that much compared to other members of this household.

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