Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Camping at FD Roosevelt State Park

It sounds silly, I know, but generally when we've gone camping, it's been with scouts. So, we decided to give it a go on our own over the Labor Day weekend. The original plan had been to stay Friday through Monday. With the storm, though, we broke camp Sunday. It was a lot of fun. We went with another family and had to bring two cars as a result. We loaded my van down with majority of the gear. Since my guys are flexible with school schedules, I drove down with my kids and one adult from the other family early. My hubby and the other spouse drove down with the other 2 children later in the afternoon.

By getting there early, we were able to secure two very nice camp sites next to each other (part of the plan). The camping area was mostly full by the time we left. We really didn't see too many empty sites anywhere. This was our tent on our site.

This was their tent on their site (taken from our site).

The kids were reasonably content at the campsite to play games, though they did go explore the playground too.

We did get out and explore around the park. We went on a night hike Friday night with one of the rangers, that was kinda fun. We also tried geocaching. Unfortunately, the cache wasn't there or we just couldn't find it.

This picture is just because I can.. :)

All in all, I think the weekend was enjoyed by everyone. There's definitely a lot to explore in the area. We didn't go there, but Callaway is nearby, as is an animal preserve on Pine Mountain.

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