Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Noah's Ark

Over the summer, the Georgia Cyber Academy is still having outings and Meet & Greets. Last Thursday I took the kids out to Noah's Ark (in Locust Grove) on a school outing. I'd heard of the facility, but hadn't had the chance to go check it out. It was rather hot in the sun, but most of the trail was actually shaded. We picnicked before going in to view the animals. For those that have never been, entry is free though they do ask for donations.

On arrival and as you go in, you're likely to be greeted by these guys. They were scattered all around the grounds and would come quite close.

There was one of these fairly close to the fence line and my kids were quite amazed at how big they really are.

An oddly decorated duck

When we first arrived, these guys were 'thrumming' constantly. It made an interesting noise to listen to. The kids thought it sounded like bongos in the distance.

On the way out, I was apparently VERY interesting to the male.. he followed me all along the fence line, stopping when I stopped and continuing when I did.

Comfy pigs in the shade

By far the apparent favorite of the kids.. not really surprising.

These guys were actually pretty big. I was impressed.

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