Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jazz at the Aquarium

This past Friday night I was able to do something I don't normally get to do. I went to Jazz Journeys at the Georgia Aquarium and listened to a good jazz group.

While I enjoyed that and it's not something I'd normally do, that wasn't what I was thinking of. What I don't normally get to do is take my time going through the galleries and taking pictures. Normally I'm on shift as a volunteer or I have my kids with me. Both of those, for me at least, preclude my taking my time and playing with my camera. The shots below are some of those that I was able to get and were "acceptable" with my little point and shoot camera.

Garden eels in the Topical Diver gallery

Albino alligator in the River Scout gallery

French Grunt in Ocean Voyager

Penguins in Cold Water Quest

Sand Tiger Shark in Ocean Voyager

Whale Shark in Ocean Voyager

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