Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Village of Stone Mountain

I thought I'd share some of my history. I wasn't born in Stone Mountain, though I did grow up there. I went to Stone Mountain Elementary and Stone Mountain High. There was no middle school until around my junior year of high school. Elementary ran K-7, High was 8-12. These days it seems such an oddity to NOT have had middle school, there are just so many kids that the two can't handle it all by themselves. High School itself is huge now too. At any rate, the Train Depot down town is now City Hall and the Police Department. It has a history all of it's own.

The village has changed quite a bit over the years. I remember going "downtown" to the local pharmacy to get a milkshake or an "original" cherry coke. (Back in the days where they added cherry syrup to regular coke to get cherry coke.) I remember the old hardware store (Haney's). It's a ninjitsu studio now, but back when I was growing up, that's where you went to get your "uniform" for PE. It's also where you would get your "official" Stone Mountain High jacket.

Mama Mia's (an Italian Restaurant run by Larry) is now the "Crab Pot". The Stone Mountain Handbag store (where my mom worked once) is empty. So many of the store fronts are empty now. The town is working on revitalizing itself. There is a bike repair shop now, which is great for the bikers headed out to the park. The gas station is still there, though it's not Payne's Texaco any longer. It's also not open as often as it used to be.

I can only hope that the revitalization that the City Council has planned works out. It was a shame watching the town empty and change.

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