Monday, May 02, 2011

Georgia Cyber Academy & Charter funding

One thing most people don't realize about the Georgia Cyber Academy is that it doesn't actually run under the Georgia Charter Schools Association. It is actually chartered under the State Board of Education. Does this mean that the decision that's currently being worked on about charter schools in Georgia won't affect it? Absolutely not. As of the end of March, the supreme court in Georgia hadn't made a decision about whether the commission should have the power to create Charter schools. Many local districts believe it should be in their hands, not the state's, if for no other reason than funding issues.

It's a heated debate that involves whether the tax money that our local public schools receive (and spend ahead of time) should follow the child or stay in the district. The debate is whether the money that is diverted to the charter schools is actually local money or if it is state money. The state maintains that it is state money until the check is cashed at a local level.

What does that mean for GCA currently? We're going ahead full steam. Principal Matt Arkin is keeping all the parents updated on what has or hasn't been decided and how it affects us. In the mean time, it's a waiting game.

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