Wednesday, April 13, 2011


They don't actually allow photographs inside of the Pentagon once you're on the tour, so this picture is in the waiting room. You also cannot carry a camera with you, though a cell phone is allowed. HOWEVER, if they see or hear it while on the tour they'll confiscate it from you.

We were able to see the memorial that was built after 9/11. They also showed us just how far into the building the air plane went. You can see the pictures, but sometimes seeing it up close makes a huge difference in perspective.

My kids found it "funny" that our guides did the entire tour walking backward. We walked approx. 1.5 miles around the facility. We noted that it has a pretty big selection of restaurants (including McDs), a florist, jeweler and more. It also has a DMV for Virginia if you need it.

It requires going through your state congressman to get the tour, but definitely worth the effort in my opinion.

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