Friday, April 29, 2011

Garden Wish List

For various reasons (but to definitely include hubby's car), adding more plants to my garden is on hold.. I have lots of ideas for the entire yard (not just the back garden) and of course it costs too much money. But since it's now on my wish list for the future of the garden (whether it happens this year or not), I thought I'd share. (This is also the result of having gotten hold of Michigan Bulb/Gurney's catalogs and dreaming..)

In my back garden - Beer Friend (edamame) beans, Red Candy Apple onions, Trillium, Sweet Vanilla Butterfly Flower

In my front island - Variegated Weigela, Eastern Ninebark

In my side yard - Major Wheeler Honeysuckle, Purple Wintercreeper

Around the trees in front of my porch - Lily of the Valley, Jack in the Pulpit, Widow's Tears

Just because - dwarf pomegranate

For those of you familiar with these plants, you'll note that a majority are shade or shade tolerant plants. It has to do with the fact that the majority of my yard IS in shade (lots of trees). This doesn't mean that my garden will lack in new plants, though. I've started some new seeds (malvia, black-eyed susan, carrots), rooted some other plants (3 hydrangeas, lenten rose, alligator plant, 2 roses) and raided a neighbor's garden for other plants. I found this one and am trying to root it, not sure what it is, other than that it's pretty and likes sunny spots.

Speaking of rootings - if any of my local friends want to give it a try, I have an abundance of alligator plant seedlings.

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