Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fernbank's Mythical Creatures exhibit

After visiting the new Nature Quest area at Fernbank, my kids and I had to go downstairs and take a look at the mythical creatures exhibit that just opened. With kids like mine, the first thing (other than the huge dragon at the entrance) that caught their eye was this.. imagine their surprise on seeing a pokemon as a mythical creature.. it was being compared to this guy, the ahuizotl. One friendly, one not, but both having the same basic features.

Of course, all the 'standards' were there. The Roc..

The Pegasus..

The unicorn..

The dragon..

I tend to think the most 'exotic' of them was this rare find that looks amazingly like my daughter..

There was also a small area that my son enjoyed which discussed how some myths might have been formed from (what is now) archaeological finds of animals, just rearranged. Now, whether they were arranged to fit a myth or a myth was created to fit the find, no one really knows. But it was an interesting way of looking at it.

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