Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Mouth!

My boy went and got his braces yesterday. He didn't start putting on his bands until this morning (he at least had that much of a break). The metal is a memory-metal so he's drinking cold water on a regular basis to give his mouth a chance to relax. The metal was kept cold to be malleable. When warm it tries to go to it's original shape. Pretty cool stuff. He picked out blue for his braces, not that you can really tell in this photo.

Orthodontist figures he'll have these for about 1.5yrs, then go to a retainer. Yippee fun. As an fyi, we use Dr. Silver in Snellville. He did both my and my sister's braces back in the day. It felt kind of weird referring myself to my own orthodontist, but it's what I did.

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