Thursday, February 24, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

My kids' school descended on the Aquarium this morning in droves. Somewhere around 600+ people came to visit as part of a school excursion. To say the least, with our crowd and those from other schools and the general public, the Aquarium was packed. I did manage to find a chance, though, to grab these pics as we went through.

These guys are out and about town, I believe. They're done by local artists in anticipation of the new dolphin exhibit that opens April 2nd.

Garden eels from the Tropical Diver gallery

Upside down jelly from Tropical Diver

Penguin from Cold Water Quest

Yellow Seahorse, new exhibit in Tropical Diver

Sand Tiger Shark from Ocean Voyager

We were lucky enough to hang out with my son's teacher from GCA. After a bit, we were also able to hang out with one of his classmates. My daughter caught up with a friend from a lower grade that goes to Summit Academy with us on Wednesdays.

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