Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflection on the first half of the school year

We've been in school now since August and I thought it was time to reflect on how well we've done. We've definitely had our road hazards, but we've managed to conquer most of them. My son enjoys being able to work at his own pace and get things knocked out quickly. Math has (to now) been a breeze. At the rate he's going, he'll start the 7th grade curriculum in March and will finish with Social Studies about the same time. The Web Quest he had to do was a definite challenge. He didn't want to start when it was assigned and left himself a week to get it finished. Last friday was turn-in date for us.

My daughter on the other hand has struggled with math at times, though she's finally getting in to the swing of it. She's written two portfolio assignments. Their method for that worked well for it. As an online eluminate session where the teacher provided timed guidance for getting it done. I knew for a fact that she wasn't going to edit beyond the session, so it worked well that when the teacher said 'done', she was finished.

We've gotten to go on some school field trips. The Kennesaw Train Museum, the Atlanta History Center, Tellus, and most recently we went to Rock Eagle as part of 4H and GCA. We've missed a few that we were going to do as well when the kids didn't finish their work in a timely manner. The flexibility in the schedule has been great for both of the kids, for both the ability to get work done as well as to get to go places with/for school.

So, now we start our holiday vacation and take a break. We'll also prepare ourselves for the challenges for the next year.

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