Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of the year..

It's the last day of the year. Monday morning hubby goes back to work, kids go back to school and the rat race begins again (though I don't think it paused for me during the break). Instead of looking back over the past year (and being stressed/depressed), I'd much rather look at 2011. We're looking forward to a great new year with a couple of family trips already planned and being implemented. The kids are excited to be going to Washington, DC this year. We put in applications to see the White House, Pentagon, Capital Building and Library of Congress. They're ultra-excited to get to go on a Disney Cruise this year too.

Activities wise, we're still doing Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls, bowling league, 4H and Georgia Cyber Academy. Both restarted Choi Kwang Do last year and will remain in it this year. My daughter will test for her black belt in March, my son is working toward his 2nd degree. Both want to get SCUBA certified. I'm looking in to options to getting them their Junior Open Water certification through PADI. My son will be able to get a merit badge in the process. If they get certified, then hubby and I can take refresher courses and the family can start diving. We also have to start worrying about summer camp a bit early, though I think the kids are really only looking at one specific one (troop for son, AHG for daughter).

My son has even been offered a 'job' for the summer. A good way for him to save up that money for whatever he wants. I have to monitor that, though, as he wants a lot of things, but some just don't make sense to purchase. He started November wanting his own laptop, which changed to wanting an XBOX360. I didn't do anything to change his mind from one to the other, but I have convinced him that purchasing an XBOX just to play one game doesn't make sense.

I still have to get renters into my parents house, which in this market is easier said than done. I've got my preferred prices posted and received inquiries. Not one has asked to negotiate (which in the right situation I will do). If you know someone looking for a home, this one is available for rent (with potential lease/purchase).

Other stuff coming down the road will be braces for my son. Whoopee. For some reason, he's excited about this. That'll change once they're on, though. They may happen for my daughter as well (oh, my wallet hurts). She's gotten a head start on the losing teeth game and getting those adult teeth in. We'll have to see.

Not to mention that my daughter will earn her double digits at her next birthday (10) and my son will officially become a teen (13). Both are rather scary thoughts that it's been that long. Me? I'll be 42 and can claim to be the answer to "life, the universe and everything". Don't understand that? Read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.. or at least watch the movie. :)

For tonight, though, I'll simply try to relax and keep the dog calm. We tend to be homebodies anyway, but I'm not keen on getting out when everyone else is on the roads. So, we may watch the peach drop or we may go to bed. I'll figure that out later.

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