Monday, November 08, 2010

Victoria Bryant State Park

My daughter's American Heritage Girls troop set up a family camping weekend out at Victoria Bryant State Park. My son chose not to go as he's going camping with his troop next weekend and temps were expected to get below freezing on us. We were the 3rd family to arrive and set up our tent.

We had a cool view of the creek/river running behind our tent.

We survived the night of cold and were woken up by a wild turkey right behind our tent. (I was actually already awake, not having slept much during the night.) We climbed out of our sleeping bags and had a warm breakfast. This is my daughter with one of her AHG friends.

Some time after lunch we decided to 'hike' over to the play ground and check it out. The night before we had stopped in a small field to check out the stars. We decided to go back in daylight to see what the field looked like. We found a lot of turkey tracks all over, mixed in with deer tracks. My finger is beside the turkey track to show how big it really was.

This is a view of the creek over by the playground area.

The kids spent at least 2 hours running around the playground. It had some really cool things for the kids to climb on and play iwth.

This thing would go up and down at the joints depending on where the weight was. The kids had a blast trying to make it jump so that kids would jump/fall off.

Around 4pm we decided it was time to head back to the campground and get ready to go home. I wasn't willing to stick out another night of freezing temps. We crossed the creek on the way in and on the way out of our campground at this crossing.

All in all a very beautiful area. The park itself was rather small, there are a few hiking trails in the area as well.

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