Monday, November 01, 2010

Get Ready.. Get Set..

Tomorrow's the deadline for picking out our new governor as well as other positions in the state. I have to admit, I'm not impressed by anyone, particularly the democratic and republican candidates for governor. I'm seriously considering voting libertarian just because I really DON'T like Barnes OR Deal. I can't say I'm affiliated with ANY party any longer. Back in HS and college, I considered myself republican.. then I switched to democratic.. now I'm an independent who will vote based on who's running and has my respect.

As to the other candidates, we have to look at Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Ag Commissioner, Public Service, School Superintendent, Secretary of State, Labor Commissioner, US Senate, etc. If you're not sure who's on your ballot, you can go to - which amounts to a 'my voter page'. Enter the info requested and it'll bring up the details.

Rant on..

Hopefully you've already thought of all of this, if not, make sure you take a look and become an EDUCATED voter. It really rots my teeth when people tell me "I didn't know any of them so I just randomly picked". Then they can't remember WHO the picked and they want to gripe about who wins. Come on people! Get a grip! Educate yourself! Do the novel thing and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Rant off.

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