Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Book Review: Illegals

Illegals The Unacceptable Cost of America's Failure to Control Its Borders

By Darrell Ankarlo
Published by Thomas Nelson

You hear plenty about the new laws in Arizona, cracking down on the illegal immigrants in their state. You know that the Border Patrol is having problems maintaining security on our borders in CA and NM. What you may not know is that the problem is a lot worse than it seems. Dan Ankarlo, a radio personality, decided he wanted to get the information on the illegal immigrants from their point of view. Why is it happening, why can't we stop it, what does it mean?

Starting with a trip across the border into Mexico, he begins his search for information talking with the folk who do the smuggling. Why do they do what they do? Their answers can be startling and reveal a very big issue on the other side. He talks with those who are trying to get in. Why go to the effort and cost to come in the illegal way? He talks with those who have made it across and then been caught. Will they try again?

Mr. Ankarlo interviews some of the Border Patrol. He finds out what resources they have, what they need, what they're doing to stem the tide. For they cannot stop it given what they have. There are too many coming across and too many working on BOTH sides of the border to catch even half.

Even more than that is the attitude of some of those who have settled here illegally. Their agenda to "take back over" New Mexico. To gain a hold politically to change the way the US is run. All is documented through Mr. Ankarlo and his team in this book. A definite must read as a wake up call on immigration.

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