Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AHG Stars & Stripes Award Ceremony

My kids and I were honored to be able to attend a special ceremony last night. A girl from our American Heritage Girls troop was being honored with the Stars & Stripes award. She's the first girl in Georgia to earn it. It's essentially the equivalent of an Eagle award for a Boy Scout. I tried to take pictures, but my camera (as usual) didn't cooperate. I think it was just too dark for it to manage. The Scout Master from our troop (593) presided over the whole thing, with an Eagle Scout from our troop, the 2nd recipient in GA (her ceremony is still to be held), and many other people participating. She was read a letter by one of the Snellville city councilmen (sorry, can't recall name) honoring her. She also had a Resolution read from one of the outgoing Snellville Georgia State Representatives. It was an excellent ceremony. My daughter and her group of Explorers, as well as several other girls from the Troop, were given the opportunity to participate by carrying flowers.

So, while I didn't get pictures of the ceremony, I at least did get to attend. The only picture I took that DID come out was pre-ceremony of my daughter in her uniform.

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