Thursday, October 14, 2010

Termites anyone?

I've mentioned on facebook that my parents' home has termites (I mentioned it here as well). It's disappointing because before my folks moved out, they had refinished the floors in the house, including replacing termite damaged floor and getting it treated. So, apparently either the company didn't find this infestation at that point, or they came back. Either way, we're having to get it repaired again.

This is wall trim (which is about a foot high starting from the floor) under a window. The hole is there because we actually pushed on the wood to see how bad the damage was.

A zoom in of the hole

This part is the most disappointing. This is the worst hole on the floor itself. This is old heart of pine wood that was original to the house. Not a portion that was originally replaced. There are several other places on the floor where damage is evident as well.

It's all disappointing in that I had a tenant at the house that just wasn't observant enough to report it to me. His comment was that he had a carpet/rug on the floor and didn't see it. Of course, he also didn't see where they'd cracked a couple of tiles as well in the front entry way. So, now I see about getting it fixed before we put a new tenant in the house. Next time, I'm either going to have to insist on no floor rugs, or that they/I lift them monthly to check the floor.

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