Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bear Hollow Trail

A couple of the middle school teachers from GCA set up a field trip to Bear Hollow Trail in Athens last week. I was able to take both of my kids on the field trip. We had a gentleman from the park give a talk about native animals in GA (and elsewhere) and then took a walk around. The zoo itself is free to enter and has many interesting animals in it. The birds of prey (hawks and eagles) had all imprinted or had an injury which prevented their return the wild. They apparently had a barn owl stolen from it's exhibit as well. The kids had a hard time trying to figure out WHY you would want to steal a barn owl. At any rate, here are some of the pictures I managed to get.

One of two bear cubs, both female. Their mother was poached while they were extremely small.

One of two eagles. Both eagles had a wing amputated at the elbow due to injury.

A baby gator. My daughter was actually excited to touch it even if her face doesn't show it.

A not so baby gator..

A possum

A very small scorpion.. I was amazed by how little it was.

A screech owl. Very little but very interesting to see.

A tortoise.

A wasp's nest hanging in a tree. It was pointed out as we walked past it. Very big.

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