Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweetwater Creek State Park

My family and I took the History Hike out at Sweetwater Creek state park this past Saturday. We had a guide who was very familiar with the history of the area take us along the red trail and down to the Civil War textile mill. Along the way he gave us the history of the area as well as of the mill. Very cool. He had pictures taken from the early 1900's of the various buildings that were there and people from the area. He also showed us where the damage was from the floods in 2009.

The old textile mill

A toad found at the mill

A spring that's along the trail to the mill.. theory has it was a watering hole for horses taking supplies to/from the mill

I played with the panoramic picture capability of my camera and got this picture of the creek just below the mill

Sweetwater Creek

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