Monday, September 20, 2010

Indian Festival at Ocmulgee National Monument

My family and a friend and her family went down to Ocmulgee (just south of Macon) on Sunday to see their Indian Festival. It was partially a chance for my kids to get the chance to meet other kids from GCA and partially just a fun trip. It really is something you should do over two days (which is how long it runs) instead of one, though we did as much as we could. There was just so much to see and do that I think if we do it again, we'll camp at a local campground to enjoy both days.

Twice each day they had an opening ceremony with honor guard

These are some of the Choctaw dancers.. This was a really talented flautist..

We didn't get to see these guys do their thing, but they did look good on horse..

An encampment reenactment..

Stuff you might have found in an Indian camp..

The demonstrations and booths weren't the only things you could see. Ocmulgee is a large Indian monument that you can enter one mound to see what it looks like, several mounds you can climb, and otherwise a lot of really nice trails to walk.

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