Monday, August 30, 2010

Stone Mountain Water Slides

A couple of years ago, Stone Mountain planned on remaking their water slide area into a new and improved version. This was about the same time that there was a severe enough drought that Stone Mountain received flack for the idea of their Snow Mountain. At one point, the new slides were locked up in a fenced area in the parking lot near the old beach/water slide area. My family and I recently drove past to check on the status of that area and found that the pieces to the new slides were gone. The old slides were still there (slowly becoming overgrown).

It's a shame that their plans for the area fell through. I can only hope that at some point in the future they revisit the ideas and put them into place. You can't swim in the lakes at the mountain, which limits your options on a hot summer day. Unless you're staying at one of the two hotels in the park,there aren't any pools. Not that any of this is a major issue, it's just a disappointment.

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