Monday, August 23, 2010

I have proof!

That my son definitely has a 6th grade teacher. We went to a meet&greet with her and a couple of other teachers last Thursday. I have a picture of him with two of his fellow students with his teacher. So, I know his teacher exists! It's not all computer work. We're scheduled to meet my daughter's teacher later this week.

This week, though, starts the 'regular schedule' of sorts, though not totally. Currently we have two 'field trips' scheduled. One with a group of students to the Atlanta water works. The other to meet my daughter's teacher. We'll have to rearrange their schedule on those days to get the school work in.

Today after school, I plan on taking advantage of the City of Atlanta's sale out at the old Sears building (City Hall East) and see about getting my son a new set of bookshelves. I'll try to update on that tomorrow or Wednesday. In the meantime, school is officially in session for all counties starting today. I wish everyone a good school year.

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