Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dove Piticure (Review)

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I had ever had a piticure. Having no idea what that was, I said no. I was shipped a sample of Dove Ultimate and instructions on how to do a proper piticure (see video).

So I gave I've given it a try for the last two weeks. I wanted to make sure that it actually made a difference. I have to say that it works pretty well. I've used Dove before, though my reason for doing so has been it's price versus the price of other brands, not for how well it worked. It turns out that it generally works at least as well as other moisturizing deodorants (of which there are few) and it is cheaper than the others (2.6 oz. / SRP $3.89 - $4.88 -> you can usually find coupons too). More bang for the buck, I like that a lot.

Once I started making notes of what was and wasn't working, my underarms don't itch half as badly when the hair starts to regrow. The underarm area itself is relatively smooth as well. Overall, I really liked the product. There are several options so that you can get the one best suited to your needs.

Four types of personalized protection combine 24-odor and wetness protection with distinctive skincare benefits:

Dove Ultimate is available in the following offerings: Beauty Care, Sensitive Care, Visibly Smooth and go fresh * Ultimate Beauty Care – includes a tri-moisturizing system that soothes shaving irritation and helps replenish delicate underarm skin, available in:

    * NEW Light Radiance * NEW Sheer Silk * Smooth Cashmere * Original Clean
* Ultimate Sensitive Care – Hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free formula delivers outstanding underarm skincare benefits with a tri-moisturizing system to soothe shaving irritation and help replenish delicate underarm skin, available in:
    * Fragrance Free * Ultimate Visibly Smooth – minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair over time with a unique formula containing Pro-Epil complex, available in: * Wild Rose * Nature Fresh
* Ultimate go fresh – bursts of freshness in four deliciously cool fragrances that include Dove1/4 Translucent Moisturizers™ and can be a paired with a matching body mist for all over freshness, available in:
    * NEW Revive – pomegranate and lemon verbena * Burst – nectarine and white ginger * Energize – grapefruit and lemongrass * Cool Essentials– cucumber and green tea

You can get more product information from the Dove web site.

*Disclaimer - I was not paid for this review. I was given a sample of the product and asked to give my honest opinion of it and then to share it with my fellow bloggers.

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