Friday, April 30, 2010

Education budget cuts

We're all talking about it. We all have our opinions. The sad fact is that for all that 'they' say we're coming out of recession, it's still hitting us hard. Education seems to be getting the worst of the hits simply because there are so many 'extras' that they can take away. Cobb, for example, is looking to privatize the arts (music/art/etc) so that parents pay extras for it. Sports in many areas have already moved away from schools. They're closing schools in DeKalb. All counties are laying off teachers. Let's make class sizes 40/teacher (like in college) to cut down our cost. Then let's have kids go to school fewer days. Didn't pass the CRCT? Too bad, no summer program to back you up. Have a gifted student? You'll have to pay to send them to extra programs to keep them challenged.

Of course, the doesn't include the 'other stuff' that happens at school. You don't need janitors to clean the schools, just have the kids do it. You don't need anyone in the media center either. Kids can check out their books all by themselves, you know they're trustworthy. Of course, why have a media center? The county has a public library you can use (sometimes), unless of course they close that too. You'll have to provide all the supplies too. The school can't afford paper, pencils, crayons, etc. You'll need to copy all the workbooks too so that teachers have worksheets for the class.

Don't like any of these statements? My only true comment is to take a stand and voice your opinion at the polls. This includes the teachers as well as the parents. Only when we actually combine to MAKE A STATEMENT will something happen.

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