Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skin MD - Review

I was given a bottle of this product just before the Christmas holiday to review. At the time, I wasn't hugely impressed with it, but then my skin hadn't dried out then like it has now. At Christmas, it worked well enough to compare it to other lotions, but not as well to stand out. Now, however, I have to change my tune a little. My skin started to split open at random intervals starting around the beginning of January and has gotten progressively worse. My usual cure is vaseline and cotton gloves worn over night. That was a good temporary fix, but by the end of the day I was splitting skin again. Now, I don't do anything abnormal with my hands (I'm not a doctor to be washing between patients, I don't garden or work with my hands in that fashion). I'm a stay at home mom, though I do work at my kids' school on occasion.

So, in frustration on what to do with/about my hands, I went back to the Skin MD bottle that was sitting on my counter. I have to give it credit, it works. It soaks in completely and quickly to allow my hands the feel better. Once I've used it, they don't crack. Unlike my vaseline, I don't have to wear cotton gloves. ;) I've also become sensitive to some things (making me itch), but I can say that this isn't one of them. Which is nice, having my hands itch isn't fun.

I can now answer the question "Does it work?" honestly, yes it does. "Would I recommend it to others?" Yes, I would.

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