Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So, we've had two more doctor visits for my son and his headaches. Fortunately, the nausea and vomiting part have settled so that he hasn't had either in a month. We still don't know the exact cause. We visited the neurologist yesterday and the only 'result' is a prescription for periactin (antihistimine), recommended physical therapy for tight muscles and biofeedback. We took these results today to an allergist. He was tested for all the basic triggers and he reacts to NONE of them. Ugh. So, now I wait to see if Kaiser will cover the physical therapy or biofeedback. I have a feeling we're sunk there.

As a final step, we'll go back to the optometrist to see if he needs glasses. It doesn't explain the wake-up headaches, but it might help with some of the others. He didn't need them at his last exam, but maybe something has significantly changed with his latest growth spurt.

Otherwise, it's a monitoring thing. If they again start getting worse, we'll go back to the pediatrician and see what the next steps are. We have another follow-up with the neurologist in a couple of months.

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