Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree..

I have 6 trees set up in my house, though I only have pictures of 3. I had a hard time getting these to come out. My kids have their own small trees in their bedrooms. My daughter's is pink with princesses on it. My son's is red with pokeballs. I have a small one in the sun room with a lit star on time and the only ornaments are bows. The others are these...

This one is our 'big' one that the kids decorate. It has both of my son's train sets going around it and lives in our den.

This is a small silver one in the down stairs bathroom.. no decorations, just a tree skirt.

This one is my angel tree. It has my fragile angel ornaments on it and lives in our dining room. I have one of my villages at the base.

Next year I think I'll add two to the front porch, the urn type trees with plain white lights. I like having a garland on the front porch with white lights and I think they'd go well together. This year, I apparently forgot my garland in storage, so I just put up colored LED light strands outside.

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